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Caution & Tips for safe use and maximum service life of our products

Hagen Hand Piece

  • Do not drop the handpiece
  • Do not extend recommended speed
  • Use distilled water
  • Do not use bent, off centred , damaged , deformed, non non - ISO Standard bus
  • No spray after sterilization.
  • Spray after each use and / or before auto claring
  • Never clean the handpiece in boiling water or in Chemicals , with wire brushes, or in ultrasonic cleaners


DXL Pro Rotary Files

  • Keep torque and speed according to tape
  • (0.6 - 1N)
  • Lubricate file with EDTA gel everytime file is used
  • Always autoclave after every patient
  • Always maintain protocol according to taper.

Hagen Cordless Endomotor

  • Do not fall the handset
  • The press buttons are soft touch so never press with nails, always use thumb to press the buttons.
  • lubricate hand piece timely.
  • Do not put lubricating oil in the main unit.
  • Do not pull out handpiece of device if it is still on first off the back button and than power
  • If not using for long time charge it every month.

Dental Equipment Maintenance Kit

In addition to performing regular dental equipment repair and maintenance, keeping an emergency kit for last minute dental equipment servicing is a must for every office. Some ideas for what to keep in your kit include:

  • Handpiece: lube, cleaner and spare turbines, chucks and bur tools
  • Air compressor : oil and intake valves
  • Spare O-rings and gaskets
  • Vacuum : intake filter, line cleaner, traps and canisters
  • Spare light bulbs : handpieces, curing lights and operatory light
  • All owner's manuals and equipment invoices in case of warranty issues

Keeping these basic self- maintenance items make it easier to perform simple dental equipment repair tasks while they are small and easily managed problems, without letting them progress to more serious issues. In addition, keeping manuals and invoices in a secure place allows you to easily contact the manufacturer in case of a serious problem in need of dental equipment servicing.


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